Ubuntu One

Ubuntu has been around for a while and I have even blogged about it before.  I really like the operating system and have become a big fan of Linux.  One thing they implemented, that I didn’t use too much, was Ubuntu One.  What Ubuntu One is, is a cloud service.  You can sign up for a free 5GB account and it will sync some of your files, music, contacts, etc. to their cloud service.  You could then access this on any computer from a web interface, which was very useful.

However I never really took advantage of this as it mostly just went from Ubuntu to the web interface.  There wasn’t much of a cross platform client, such as Dropbox.  So while cool, I never used it too much.  Recently however, they have just released a Windows client, that you can install and choose which folders and files to sync to your Ubuntu One service.  This makes it much more like Dropbox, and makes it more of a contender for cross-platform synchronization.  At this time however, there is no client for Mac.

There also isn’t a lot of options for mobile devices at this time either, such as Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.  There is however a Ubuntu One Music streaming app that you can download and install on these devices to stream your music you have uploaded to Ubuntu One to these devices.  However, the music streaming service for Ubuntu One is not free, and comes with a monthly cost of $3.99.  I find this service very similiar to Spotify.

So if you are an Ubuntu user, or even a Windows user, you can sign up for Ubuntu as an alternative cloud storage solution to Dropbox or other similar services.  I know I will be taking more of a serious look at it now that it has some cross platform synchronization.