my3D iPhone/iPod 3D Viewer

Remember when we were younger and we had those red binocular-like devices and you could put in the picture wheel and when you looked at it, the images all looked 3D?  Well now that technology comes to your iPod or iPhone.

For my birthday a good friend got me the my3D iPhone/iPod 3D Viewer from  What this device does is exactly like the old 3D viewers.  You simply download the appropriate apps / games for your iPhone and then plug the iPhone into the 3D viewer, just as you would have the old picture wheel.  You can then see pictures and games in 3D, but be careful as this is kind of trippy.  One of the games I downloaded first was a shark game, where you swim around and eat fish.  This game requires you to move around to change the direction of the shark.  But be careful, as you might find yourself walking into a wall.

So if you are looking for something fun, geeky, and even retro to use your iPhone or iPod for, check out the my3D iPhone/iPod 3D Viewer from  It will amaze you, while reminding you of the old days of the 3D picture viewers.