Exercising Your Battery

A lot of times in devices, such as laptops and iPhones, a lot of people over time start complaining about their battery.  Overtime batteries do lose their ability to hold a charge and this means they will hold less power over time.  This reduces the amount of time you can run your device on its battery, if at all.  But is there something you can do to help extend the life of your battery?  Why yes there is

A battery, like most of us, needs to be exercised.  This means periodically you will want to run your device on its battery almost to the point of discharging it completely.  Once you do this, then plug it in and charge it back up to 100%.  This helps keep the battery exercised and maintains a charge in the battery longer.

Now most people don’t do this as their devices start to tell them they are low on power around 20%, so like good people they plug their devices back in.  But this is also bad, as you are training your battery with bad habits.  Be a rebel, and take your device’s battery lower than the warning.  For example, on the iPhone you start getting notifications at 20% and 10%.  But a few times a month I would say take the battery down to 5% or less to exercise it.  This applies to other devices such as laptops as well.  Taking them down to 5% or less is good for them too.

So in short, if you got a new device and you don’t want to extend the battery life of the device, ignore the battery warnings every once in a while and wear it down to 5% or less.  Once you do that, then plug it back in and let it charge all the way back to 100%, typically this is overnight so you have to plan and fit this into your schedule when you don’t need access to your device.  This method won’t make your battery bullet proof, but it will help it hold a charge longer over time.