Firefox Plugins

One thing I have noticed with Firefox, mostly because it catches me off guard, are plugins. Because Firefox is not the native browser of windows, a lot of plugins such as Media Player and Adobe Flash require a special Firefox version in order to run those kinds of content within Firefox’s browser. Once these plugins are installed however, everything just works great. Below is a link and a listing of the Firefox plugins I recommend installing to make sure your browsing experience is a good one.

The Add-ons site for Firefox has a whole section dedicated to just Firefox Plugins. The ones that I have come to install and use on a regular basis are Adobe Flash Player, QuickTime, and Windows Media Player. A lot of times if you are browsing and come to a site that requires a plugin, it will give you a message and a link to download and install it. Be careful however, as there are a lot of fake messages like that out on websites that ask you to install a plugin, but in reality it is a virus or malware. That is why I typically get my plugins off of the Firefox Plugins website.