Windows 7 Pre-Sale

I know this is short notice, but for those of you out there thinking about upgrading your systems to Windows 7, now is the time to buy. Microsoft is pre-selling Windows 7 for about half the cost, so you can get a license for Windows 7 Home Premium for $50 and a license for Windows 7 Professional for around $100. So if you are thinking you will want to upgrade when it comes out, I would suggest ordering your license now. I know this is very short notice to put on my blog, but the sale ends tomorrow, on July 11th. After that you will have to pay full price. Windows 7 is due to come out some time in October 2009.

I have a link to Tiger Direct that is selling it on their site as that is where I bought my copies. However there are many other places online that you can pre-order Windows 7 for the same price.