Pidgin Update (2.5.8)

As some of you may have noticed a couple of weeks ago Pidgin stopped working with Yahoo, since then I have been following them on RSS Feeds. To fix the Yahoo problem they released a new version, 2.5.7. However it also had a few bugs in it, such as not updating when users went offline. They have released another new version, 2.5.8, that should fix that problem amoungst a few others.

However there is more to the story if you are reading their RSS Feeds. Pidgin has been working on a new release, 2.6.0, however due to the change in Yahoo (which would have been fixed in 2.6.0) they had to quickly release 2.5.7, which created some more bugs, which they fixed in 2.5.8, so all in all keep in mind a lot of these “bumps” have been created by Yahoo forcing Pidgin’s hand a little too soon. So for now, if you are not on the 2.5.8 release, go to their website and update to it. And keep an eye out for their new 2.6.0 release that should be coming out in the near future.