A Look at the Nook

It’s been many years since I have sat down and just read a book for fun.  Recently I splurged and bought my wife and I the new black and white Nook, from Barnes and Noble.  My wife was thrilled, as she is already an avid reader.  However my reasons for getting an eReader was more for gaming.  My wife and I play Dungeons and Dragons, as well as many other role playing games.  We recently started a new Pathfinder series of gaming, and that book is huge.  When I learned the Nook could read PDFs, I was sold.  Being able to have the Nook and search through the book in a more digital manner really appealed to me.  But the Nook was so much more than that.

A lot of people say to me, why not get the Nook color?  Well again, my reasons for this Nook are totally selfish.  I wanted something just for reading, which means I was not interested in tablets, be they Nook colors, iPads, or Droid tablets.  I really just wanted a basic eReader to sit at the table while we gamed, and honestly I already have an iPhone for all that tablet functionality.  The other advantage of the new black and white Nook is its battery life.  They project it to last for about 2 months between charges.  This is a big selling point for me as we spend several hours gaming.  The main reason is the pixel flipping technology versus projecting a full LCD screen image.  My Nook only uses energy to flip the pixels and it is done, it does not have to use a lot of energy to maintain the image on the screen like a normal tablet would.  The other reason I went with the new black and white Nook, versus the older Nook, was that this is a touch screen.  As I said I am an iPhone user and am definitely all about the touch screen.

However getting my Nook did not stop with just the gaming PDF books that I bought it for.  Since getting it, I have actually started reading for fun again.  Navigating through the Barnes and Noble online store has been pretty fun and it is easy to download books onto the Nook.  But the Barnes and Noble store is not the only place to get eBooks.  The library system that I work for has the ability to check out eBooks online using the OverDrive service.  It has been eye opening to use this new technology and see how it relates to libraries and the future.  Do I think this will replace books entirely, no, definitely not.  But it is encouraging to see libraries embrace this kind of technology.  A library director I knew once, Sally Setzer, said, “Libraries are no longer about just books, they are about information.”  This is more true today than ever, and you can see it in this new technology and how it is forming.

So in the end I am very pleased with my Nook.  It has brought back the world of reading for me, and has definitely done what I was hoping for our gaming.  But again, the black and white Nook was for me because I was looking for a dedicated eReader.  Depending on your needs you may want to consider getting the Nook color if you want to get some tablet functionality without having to buy a tablet.  Or if you want to spend some more money and just get a Droid tablet or an iPad, you can definitely install the Nook app, as well as the Kindle app, and even the OverDrive app for your library eBooks.  But if you want JUST an eReader to read books on, and not drain your battery playing Angry Birds, then I would highly suggest you look at the new black and white Nook.