Stealthy Bunny

This morning I let Flash outside, just like any other normal morning.  He burst through the door and bolted to the far corner of the yard, looking for a bunny or squirrel.  I stood on the deck and watched as Flash searched through the trees and bushes of the far corner of the yard.  As he did a bunny emerged from up by our patio, near Jill’s garden.  And slowly, and quietly hip hopped across the yard and under our gate to freedom.  All the while keeping it’s eye on Flash.  It was as if it was slinking along the side of a building, trying to avoid detection all the while the theme song from Mission Impossible played.  Flash unfortunately never saw the stealthy bunny, so it gets to live for another day.  It may have won this battle, but Flash assures me, the war is far from over.