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Previously I talked about Spotify and mentioned Google Music.  I figured maybe I should expand about what Google Music is, and talk a little more about it.  Google Music is a new music streaming service from Google, which is still in beta.  To gain access to it you need an invitation.  The way it works is, you install a client on your computer and it uploads your music to Google (or the cloud).  After that you can then replay your music through the Google Music website, just as if it were Pandora or some other web based radio.

This is very cool since now I can play my music through a browser, be it on my work laptop, my home desktop, my linux netbook, or yes, even in Safari on my iPhone.  I was kind of surprised that worked, but Safari isn’t always a disappointment.  At least until they develop a Google Music app for the iPhone, then I will be all set.

How does this differ from Spotify?  Well first off you do not get to play any free music, it is just your music.  But on the up side, you can play it from any browser.  Where with Spotify you have to download and install their client, and being able to sync your music to your mobile device requires a wireless network and a monthly fee.  Google Music is also purely an online service, whereas if you are paying for a monthly package from Spotify, you have the ability to set some of your music to offline, which means you can play it when you are not connected to the internet.

So between the two, I would choose Google Music.  I think the ability to sync your music to the cloud and play through any browser is a big win.  Right now it is free, and in beta.  If for some reason they change this down the road, I may also change my views on Google Music.  I am not sure off the top of my head what the max limit on space is for uploading, but I have yet to hit it.

If you are like me and online a lot, but with different devices in different places, you may want to consider Google Music for your music player.  I know I have been enjoying it and think it is definitely the way to go.  I would recommend if you can get an invite for Google Music, definitely give it a try!

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  1. Momma Todd says:

    I need an invite. YEESH! How can I be cool like you??