Save My Data

One of the problems that happens from time to time is, Windows gets corrupted.  You know that you will probably have to have your computer completely reloaded, but how do you save your data without it being wiped away with Windows?  Well there are actually several ways to do this, and I will talk about a couple of the ones I prefer.

You can get an external hard drive kit, and remove your hard drive and hook it up to a working computer, so that it acts as a normal external USB drive.  You can then copy / paste your data before wiping the drive.  However this is a lot of work, and you have to know what you are doing to mess with all that hardware and cabling.

Another method comes to use from Ubuntu Linux!  This is my favorite, and probably the easiest way to get your data.  As long as the hard drive is in tact, go to the Ubuntu website and download the CD image.  You can burn it onto either a CD or USB Flash drive.  I prefer the USB Flash drive since it is easier to deal with.  As the computer boots up, go into the boot menu and boot off the Ubuntu source, be it CD or Flash drive.  Run Ubuntu off the drive, do not install it.  This will load Ubuntu up in memory, without actually touching your computer.  You can now access all the folders and data on your computer’s hard drive, without dealing with Windows.  You can then plug in an external USB drive and copy your data off of the computer hard drive onto your external drive and save it.  Then you are all set to wipe the drive and reload Windows and start all over.

This is a clever little computer trick that most Linux users are aware of, I use it all the time when the occasion calls for it.  I just figured I would share this in case anyone out there reading this may need their data saved from a corrupted Windows.