So recently a new music service came out in the United States called Spotify.  Spotify had been available over in Europe for quite some time.  Spotify is a music service that will not only play all the music that is local on your computer, but also let you stream music for free online.  Beyond this, there are also a few other features it does that I will talk about below.

Spotify also allows you to stream music from your computer over a wireless network to your mobile device.  So you can play music on your iPhone, Droid etc without having to locally sync the music to the device.  Now if you pay for one of their premium services, you can also sync the music locally on your device so you can play it when you are offline.

Now the streaming music from your computer to your device over a network sounds cool, and it is.  But honestly I wasn’t impressed by this.  This is due to the fact that I am an iPhone user and iTunes has already allowed this kind of functionality to work between your portable devices and iTunes.  However if you are NOT an Apple device user like me, Spotify is a better way to go to get the same functionality.

The other disappointment with Spotify is, that I had a mis-perception of their service.  I have recently started using Google Music as well, and was expecting Spotify to be more of an online music player.  However their free music service more than makes up for that in my opinion.

So all in all I really do like Spotify, if for nothing more than being able to listen to some new music that I don’t already have.  The interface is really nice, and is similar to an iTunes feel, but without being a hog.  I would recommend if you haven’t, get an invite and check out Spotify, if for not other reasons than free music and playing your library on your mobile device.