Recently Google launched Google+, if you are not sure what this is, it is basically Google’s version of Facebook.  I haven’t been using it a lot yet, however I have done some work with it and here are my two cents.

Like I said before Google+ is very much like Facebook, but way less cluttered without the ads and spam.  The one thing I really like about it is how you can organize people into circles.  When you post you can select which circles you want the post to go to.  This makes it way easier to control who sees what.  Facebook does have some of this capability, but you have to go into settings and change your privacy settings, which is not as easy as just picking the circles you want to post to when you post.

The one thing that is lacking, which is more due to its newness, is integration with other services such as Twitter.  For me one of the biggest drawbacks to Google+ is now I have another social network site to update.  In fact I felt the same way about Twitter.  The only main reason I started using Twitter was because I could link it to Facebook so when I posted to Twitter it would go to Facebook.  I am hoping this same thing comes to Google+ as well.  If they can set it up so when I post to Twitter it goes to both Facebook and Google+, well then I would be one happy social nerd.

My worries for Google+ is that it is so much like Facebook, that people may not want to use it.  As I said, to me right now it is just another social network site to update.  Currently there is nothing super new or cool, that will want to make me switch over, or put Google+ in the lead of the pack for social networking.  I am hoping they come up with something, otherwise I see Google+ going the way of Google Wave, and fading away back into obscurity.  I think if Google+ had come out before Facebook it would definitely be the leader of the pack.

So if you haven’t tried Google+ I would say go ahead and give it a try.  I have liked it, but I am not sure it is powerful enough to pull me away from Facebook at this point.  Here is hoping they can keep it growing and come up with something that makes it stand out from other social networking sites before it fades away from the internet.