Windows Vista Service Pack 2

For those of you out there that are running Windows Vista then you should be aware of the new Service Pack 2 that just came out for it. It is starting to come down through windows updates, but if you want to install it manually you can download it from the Microsoft Website for Windows Vista Service Pack 2. Once downloaded just run the EXE file and select the default options, it will reboot and do a lot of configuring. The install typically takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour roughly.

If you do download the service pack from Microsoft make sure to choose the correct one for your operating system. If you are running Windows Vista 32 bit, then choose the x86 install. If you are running Windows Vista 64 bit, then choose the x64. If you are not sure then go into the Control Panel and double click on the System icon. This will bring up a window, under the System section of this window it will have a field called System Type and will tell you if you have a 32 bit operating system or a 64 bit.

There are not a lot of new features in Service Pack 2 that are noticeable by the user, but the one thing that is nice is it is a roll-up service pack. This means it will install any missing windows updates that you may not have on your system. I have been running Windows Vista Service Pack 2 on my machines for over a week now and have noticed nothing. So if you have time, try kicking off a windows update or go download and install the service pack.