Firefox 5

Yesterday Firefox 5 came out, and while this upgrade looks about the same, there are a couple of things worth mentioning.  First, most of this upgrade is to provide better HTML5 and CSS3 support, as well as making the browser more stable.  While I really liked Firefox 4, let’s be honest, it was very buggy.  So I am hoping that as I move forward with this new release a lot of the glitches I saw have been fixed.

Another major security enhancement that I think everyone will like, is the Do Not Track option they have included in this release of Firefox.  Let me explain what this means, when you surf the internet a lot of sites put tracking cookies on your computer to track your surfing history so they can better aim and direct advertisements at you.  What this built in option of Firefox 5 does, is prevent them from storing those cookies on your computer.  And it is very easy to enable, simply go into the Firefox Options menu and select the Privacy tab.  Simply check the Tracking, Tell websites I do not want to be tracked, option and hit OK.

Of course as with any new release, some of my favorite add-ons are not available in Firefox 5 yet.  One of the ones that I like and use a lot is the New Tab Homepage add-on which brings up your homepage on a new tab instead of a blank tab.  I liked this option, but it is in no way a show stopper for me.  And as things have worked out in the past, if probably won’t be long before this add-on is updated for Firefox 5.

Other than those things, Firefox 5 looks exactly like Firefox 4 as far as menus and interface.  In time I will be able to tell if some of the stability problems have been fixed, but for now I am pretty happy with it.  So if you haven’t upgraded yet, you can do so by going into the Firefox menu, selecting Help, then About Firefox.  Hit the Check for Updates button and that should be it.  Happy surfing!!