X-Men for iPhone

I remember when I was younger playing an arcade game with my brother in law, Jay.  It was the X-Men arcade game, and we would spend several dollars putting quarters into the machine so we could play.  So it was very shocking to me to find out that Apple released this game for the iPad and iPhone.  While it was $2.99 I still had to have this app as it was very much a part of my childhood.  I downloaded it and started playing, it was all there just as I remembered.  The sound effects, the sentinels, and even my favorite character Nightcrawler.  What makes this game really cool though, besides not needing to pay in quarters, is that you can still play it in multiplayer mode just like the original arcade game.  Your devices need to be on the same local wifi connection for this to work however.  After finding this I called Jay to let him know that this game now exists as an iPhone app.  I am hoping he downloads and installs it so that we can once more take a stand against Magneto in this old school arcade game.