Updating Your iPhone

A lot of people with iPhones are not aware of what to do, or how to update their iPhones when new updates for the iOS come out.  I get asked this question a lot, so I thought I would do a quick blog post letting people know what steps I do to update my iPhone.  Now you can set a lot of this to automatically happen when you connect your iPhone to iTunes on your computer, but for the sake of the blog post, I am going to walk through these manually.

So the first thing I do is connect my iPhone to my computer so that my iPhone shows up in iTunes.  Then by right clicking on the iPhone on the left menu under Devices, I select Transfer Purchases.  What this does is transfer any apps, music, videos, etc. that you may have purchased on your iPhone into your iTunes.  That way if something goes wrong, you won’t lose them.  This may take a few minutes, you will know it is done when the eject icon by the iPhone device will return and the arrows will no longer be spinning.

The next thing I normally do is a Back Up.  You can do this the same way as Transfer Purchases, by right clicking on the iPhone under Devices and select Back Up.  This will back up all your data and settings.  This is very useful if you ever have to restore, as it will restore everything back exactly the way it was.  I have found this feature of iTunes very useful, when going from one iPhone to another.

The last thing I do, is to actually check for updates.  If you click on the iPhone under devices this will bring up a page on the right hand side.  On this page is a button that says Check for Update.  Go ahead and click this, it will tell you if there is an update for your iPhone.  If there is go ahead and let it do the update, this will take several minutes for iTunes to download and install the update.  During this process leave your iPhone connected to iTunes as it will power cycle it a couple of times.  It will let you know when the update is complete.  After that you can disconnect your iPhone and return to using it normally.

Something else I like to do after the update, is to do a full power cycle of the iPhone just to give it a clean reboot and flush out any glitches it may have.  So if you have ever wondered how to do an update on your iPhone, or just how to back up your data, this is how I do it.  Happy iPhone-ing!