Which iPod is Right For You?

I have had a lot of people ask me, I am interested in getting an iPod, but which one should I get? I am hoping to lay out some options below and talk about some different models associated with different uses. The real question you have to ask to start with is, what do you want to do with your iPod? Do you want to use it for carrying your music around, or for working out, or for internet and applications? These are all important questions to ask in figuring out what kind of iPod you want.

The first use I want to talk about is the one that is probably the most popular right now, internet and applications. There are really two iPods that will handle this, the iPhone and the iPod Touch. First let’s talk about the iPhone. I have already blogged about this one and I have to say I like it. It does internet via cell phone carrier, or a normal wireless access point. The camera on it is great, and you can email pictures from it to anyone. This is a really nice way to go, however the downside is you can only get it from AT&T and have to pay $30 per month for a cell phone data plan, but that gives you internet access where ever AT&T reaches. You can still connect via your home wireless with it too for faster speeds. The iPhone comes in 8GB or 16GB of memory. The iPod Touch however is different from the iPhone in only the phone and camera parts. It does all the applications and can connect to the internet via a normal wireless connection, just like a laptop. There is no monthly fee associated with it as it does not connect to any cell phone carrier, but you only have internet access in locations with wireless. The iPod Touch comes in 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB. And as for both of these iPods the commercials are right, there is an app for that. So you can download and do almost anything you want with these.

The next use I am going to talk about is storage. When you get an iPod and start loading it with tons of music and movies, it can fill up fast. This is where the iPod Classic is useful. It does not have internet, and has limited applications, but what it does have is storage. I have an 80GB iPod Classic right now and for the same price as what I paid, today you can get a 120GB Classic. It’s screen is smaller and it does not have the touch screen. But it can hold all your music as well as a ton of movies. This is a great iPod if you want a full media center on the go. Now the main reason this one has so much more storage than the others is that it has an internal hard drive as opposed to a flash drive. What this really means to you is, moving parts. So I would not recommend this one if you want something to take with you to work out with or jog with as it could damage the unit. But I am going to talk about some iPod options for this in the next section.

The final use I want to talk about is mobility, and what I mean by that is something you can take with you everywhere and maybe be a little rough with. As I explained above, these are the ipods you would want to take to work out, jogging, etc. There are two that I would consider good for this, the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle. The iPod Nano is basically a slimmed down version of the iPod Classic, but uses flash memory. It has a nice video screen and can do music and movies. They come in 8GB and 16GB. These are great if you want to take movies and music with you, but don’t need the storage and want to be a little rougher with your iPod. The iPod Shuffle on the other hand, is the true form of sleek and portable. It has no view screen and only plays music, but it is extremely small and easily clips to your clothing or fits in your pocket if you want to go jogging or hiking. They come with 4GB of memory, which is plenty when you are just storing music.

So after talking about the different models and their uses, I hope that I have helped you figure out which iPod might work best for you based on what you want it for. As for me, I have two of the ones listed above. I have an iPhone that I use as my phone, internet, and applications. It is basically a small laptop I can take anywhere, however it doesn’t hold much music or movies. That is why I also have an iPod classic that is my mobile media center, so I can take all my music and movies with me when I travel. So which ever way you want to go, I would recommend starting with the basic question, what do I want to use it for.