Linking Facebook and Twitter

I have always been a big user of Facebook, and in today’s world most people are.  However as my co-workers started using Twitter, I found myself in stuck in deciding which one.  I didn’t want to have to use or update both of them, I just wanted it to be simple.  Luckily I am not the only person who feels that way, and there are ways to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  A lot of how you do this though, depends on what kind of Facebook page you have.  It is your personal page, or is it one setup for a business.  There is definitely a draw for a business or organization to have a Facebook page and Twitter account to keep their users and patrons up to date.  So we are going to talk about how to link your personal Facebook page to your Twitter account and how to link a Facebook business page to a Twitter account.

First let’s talk about a personal Facebook page and a personal Twitter account.  We are going to assume you have already set up your own Facebook and Twitter accounts.  So now you want to link them, but with a personal Facebook page you can only link them so when you post to Twitter, it will also post to Facebook.  This is done through the Facebook Twitter App.  Unfortuneately right now you cannot post the other way, so when you post to Facebook it goes to Twitter.  This was the method I was hoping for, but right now it isn’t available yet, so my personal postings are all done through Twitter.

Now lets talk about how to link a Facebook business page.  First of all you need to be an admin to a business page in Facebook.  We’ll assume you already have that setup, as well as the Twitter account you would like to link to.  In Facebook you can authorize your business Facebook page to a Twitter account by going to the following Facebook page,  What is odd is that the posting for these are done exactly the opposite of the personal Facebook pages.  In other words if you post to your Facebook business page, it will then also post to your Twitter account that you linked it too.

Now with all that said in how to link them, there are also several applications out there that can post to both of them for you, without having to actually link the accounts.  The first one that springs to mind is TweetDeck, but if you did some checking you could probably find several others, if you want to deal with this using a specific application and not automatically setting up the accounts to cross post.

So if you are like me and have found yourself needing both, linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts can make your life a little easier.  Just make sure you understand the difference between linking a personal Facebook page and a business Facebook page.  This is also a great communication tool if you are using it for business purpose, to reach your users and customers with two different social networking tools.