Portable Apps

Another great tool that has emerged has been USB flash drives. The easy replacement for the old diskette drives. They use flash memory and attach via any USB port. Now taking that technology one step further we find Portable Apps. This is a mock OS that you can install on your USB flash drive that runs all kinds of applications. So instead of taking just your data with you, now you can take your programs along with you too and open them on any computer. You can also install Portable Apps on your external USB hard drive as well, giving you even more storage. And yes, much like several of my other software reviews, the Portable Apps suite is free, as are the applications you can download and install.

Once you’ve installed Portable Apps on your drive you can run the program and it creates almost a second start menu that you can access your programs and data right from your flash drive. You can do what you need to do and save your data right back to the flash drive, and when you are done both you and your data walk away from that computer, leaving no trace behind. For example, wish you could use your Firefox from home with all your bookmarks? Now you can using Firefox for Portable Apps.

There is no software you need to install on the computer to make this work as it all runs from the USB flash or hard drive. However it does require a Windows computer to run on.

So all in all this is a great tool if you want to take your applications and data with you to work, or access them from a public computer, or even at Mom’s house, without having to lug around a laptop or computer. I would highly recommend Portable Apps as they are constantly coming out with new and upgraded features.