Tiger Direct

One thing I do a lot of is looking for bargains, especially on technology stuff. There are a lot of cool sites out there like New Egg, but the one I have found I use the most and refer back to the most is Tiger Direct. I watch this one as they have a lot of changing deals, which keeps me interested. I have purchased everything from memory to computers off of this site. Some of the deals you may have to dig down into the site, but they are worth it. Sorting by price is always a good option. Another reason I like this site as they have a lot of changing equipment, it gives me a chance to see some hardware or devices that may be new to me. There have recently been a lot of new netbooks and some great deals on external hard drive storage. In fact I was able to get a nice 32 inch flat panel LCD TV around Black Friday from them for $399, very nice. One thing to keep in mind when ordering from this site, and online in general is shipping. Remember you will have to pay a little bit extra for shipping, so when you order make sure it counts. So if you need to purchase a new desktop, or just need some parts or accessories, I would highly recommend giving Tiger Direct a look.