The Power of Check Disk

One thing that sometimes gets forgotten, even from the arsenal of the computer repair technician is Check Disk. If you are running a Windows based OS sometimes the sectors on the hard drive can become corrupted. Even though this does not crash windows it can cause it to slow down and all manner of weird things to happen. One great tool you can use is Windows Check Disk or Error Checking. This scans the hard drive for bad sectors and can automatically fix them, hence solving the problems. However if you continue to have problems even after running a Check Disk the problem may be something else, or a sign the hard drive is going bad. If Check Disk finds a lot of bad sectors and cannot fix them, it may be time to think about saving your data because your drive may be dying.

The reason this is fresh in my mind is my sister was having slowness and odd problems with her laptop. While we were able to help it by removing some software, it was still not right. After running the Check Disk it repaired some bad sectors and now the laptop is running great.

So some of you now may be asking, that is great but how do I run a Check Disk. I have some instructions below, keep in mind it might take a few hours to complete, depending on the state of your hard drive.

  • Open My Computer and right click on your C drive
  • Choose Properties and go to the Tools tab
  • Under Error-checking click on the Check Now button
  • Under Check Disk options, mark both check boxes and click on Start
  • It will tell you it will schedule a check disk on the next reboot, select Yes

The next time you reboot your computer it will go into check disk mode before going into windows, let it and it will run the check disk. Remember to give it a few hours as there may be a lot of sectors to fix.