Beware of Toolbars

So as new software comes out, so do updates. These updates are not only for windows, but for Java, Adobe products, and other application updates your system may require. While these updates are good, one thing about some of them are the toolbars they try to install, and that is bad. Typically the application or software says there is an update, so we do it, but pay little to no attention to what it is actually doing. And hence we get something like the MSN, Google, or Yahoo toolbar on our browser window. When you update these applications pay close attention and make sure you uncheck anything that says to install a toolbar. These are not required for your application to work, but rather a cheap attempt at getting people to use toolbars from other companies. Most of the other setting should be fine and left alone when installing and updating software, but keep your eyes open for the toolbar check box, otherwise you may have a surprise when you open your browser next time.