AVG 8.5

Another great product I would recommend for home use is AVG. AVG is an antivirus program that does detects for both viruses and spyware. It has a resident shield protector as well so it is constantly running in the background in case something tries to infect your system. The other thing I really like with AVG over other anti-virus software, is that it has a very small footprint, which means it does not bog your system down. So many times I see people get new computers that have all this power, then they put on some all in one anti-virus software like McAffee or Norton and it just brings the system to a crawl. AVG offers a free for home use, basic edition, that I highly recommend. Just make sure on their website you download and install the free home basic edition.

A lot of the people I have helped with computers are running AVG 8.0 and have probably gotten a pop up saying they need to upgrade. This pop up directs them to buy the AVG 8.5 corporate edition. What I recommend is uninstall your current AVG 8.0 version, then go to the AVG Website and download and install the new AVG 8.5 version. You should also be able to download the new AVG 8.5 version and install over the top of the 8.0 version if you want to.

Another good anti-virus program is Avast. I have not worked a lot with this one, but if AVG didn’t work out for me I would probably go with this one based on a lot of what I have heard about it. But the basics are still the same, if you are paying for anti-virus software at home I would take a look at some of the free ones out there. They work just as well, but are way less expensive.