iPhone Day

So on Monday, April 13th it was iPhone Day. It was when my AT&T contract was up for renewal and I could get an iPhone. By nature I am not a big fan of Macs, or Apple computers, but when it comes to iPods and iPhones, Apple did it right. The iPhone is almost a laptop. It integrates seamlessly to my Gmail, and there is an app to sync all my Google calendars to my iphone too. In fact, the commercials are right, there really is “an app for that.” There is even a cool Star Wars lightsaber app that turns your iPhone into a lightsaber. It makes all the noises, it is awesome. The only bad thing so far is the battery gets run down, I have to charge about once per day. But with that said, I am also using it A LOT. I am looking forward to when we go to GenCon in Indianapolis this year as they charge for wifi down there. Thanks to AT&T’s 3G network and iPhones real mail and browsing, I plan to be online and not pay anything extra for wifi. So if you are on AT&T or are thinking about it, I would so suggest an iPhone. It is very intuitive to learn, and like I said, it is just shy of being a full laptop.