Let Me Google That For You

Ever have that relative or friend who just isn’t tech savvy, but comes to you so that you can do Google searches for them?  Well now here is a solution to help them find what they need and teach them how to Google on their own.  My friend Matt showed me this tool, it is called Let Me Google That For You.

Basically you can go to Let Me Google That For You and type in a search just like you would at the regular Google site.  Then hit the Google Search button, and it will generate a link with your search in it.  Give it to your friend and Let Me Google That For You will show them how to use Google in three easy steps to find what they are looking for.  And it is not just educational, it is pretty funny too.  Go ahead, give it a try with the link I have below.


So the next time someone asks you to search the internet for something, just tell them Let Me Google That For You and send them a link for their own search that will not only get them where they are going, but maybe teach them to search for it themselves from now on.

1 Response

  1. Matt says:

    Give someone the answer and they will come back tomorrow with another question. Teach that someone how to use Google, and their computer will be full with spyware for the rest of their lives.