There is a tool that I have known about for a while but hadn’t really given it a try until recently, it is called Dropbox.  Dropbox is a website that creates a virtual flash drive for you that you can upload any files into.  That is pretty cool, but one of the other things that makes it nicer is there is a client you can install on your computer so your Dropbox folder shows up as a normal file folder under your documents.  Anything put in this will automatically get sync’d up to your virtual drive.  Now this is really useful when you are working across multiple computers, so it keeps all your files synchronized across multiple systems.

Now all that is great and wonderful, but basically it is just a flash drive that is saved out into the cloud without the need for a physical drive.  The deciding factor for me was how it can be installed on just about any platform.  So you can install it on Windows, Macs, even Ubuntu Linux.  There are also apps for both iPod / iPhones as well as Droids and Blackberrys.  This feature is great for me as I am constantly going between my Windows 7 desktop, iPhone 4, and Ubuntu netbook.  Of course if you don’t want to deal with installable clients, you can always access your Dropbox through their web interface and upload files from there as well.

Another interesting feature that one of my co-workers called, “the pyramid scheme” is a referral bonus program.  Once you sign up you get 2gb of storage for free.  However if you do 5 of their 6 Getting Started steps, you get a bonus 250mb.  Now one of these steps is inviting your friends to Dropbox too, for every friend that signs up from an invitation they get a bonus 250mb and so do you.  This goes up to a max of 8gb, right now my Dropbox is at 4gb.  Of course if you want more than 8gb you can always pay a monthly or yearly fee for 50gb or 100gb.

So if you are looking to expand and save your documents out into the cloud, back up your files, or just looking to get organized across multiple computers, give Dropbox a try.  So far I have really liked it as it is nice not having to remember a flash drive to get access to my files across multiple computers and multiple networks.

2 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    Dude, DROP BOX ROCKS. Thanks for the update

  2. Becky says:

    I like having it too! I plan on using it, actually, to move some sound files from my grandma’s computer to mine instead of burning an entire cd just for a small recording.