Virtually There

My friend just got a Nook and they was trying to download books to it, and wasn’t having much luck.  As she had an iPhone 4 like mine, I used FaceTime to do a video chat with her on the iPhone.  We came to quickly realize that I was going to have to look at her computer too.  So while using FaceTime, I then connected to her computer remotely using TeamViewer.  So I was basically able to interact with her like I was there, and look at her computer, like I was there as well.  So technically, I was virtually there.  Now FaceTime and TeamViewer are applications I have blogged about before, but here is a quick recap.

FaceTime is a new function on the new iPhone 4 or the new iPod touch, that lets you video chat between devices using a wireless network.  This is a huge feature, especially on a device as portable as a cell phone or mp3 player.  I know I have used FaceTime to talk to my wife on her iPhone 4, especially when I have no cell phone signal, but have access to a wireless network.

TeamViewer is a free for home use tool that lets you remotely connect to another computer as if you were there.  It is really intuitive to use, and I have found it has become one of my common geeky tools.  I have used it to fix my Mom’s computer in Wisconsin, as well as reprogram a wireless router in New York.

There are many other tools out there to accomplish this same thing, video chatting and remote computer access.  Skype and Citrix spring to mind as front runners of this technology.  But my point is this, with these technological advances, you can literally talk to people, interact with them, and even fix their computer as if you were right there.  But as my friend with the Nook pointed out, they didn’t have to feed me to fix their computer… this time.

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  1. Mother Todd says:

    Yah, this time guys! Wait till next time…He will probably bring Brian. MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA