Christmas in Wisconsin

So for Christms Jill, myself, Alexis, and Flash all went over to Dee & Jay’s in Green Bay WI. It was a lot of fun, we did presents Christmas Eve. Dee & Jay really liked the giant ipod dock we got them and my Mom liked the ipod dock / clock radio we got her. However Jill and I forgot one of my Mom’s Christmas presents in MN, so she will have to wait unfortunately. Mike & Charity also came over with my niece Lita and did presents as well. We had a good Christmas all in all. My work let me work remotely on Friday morning so I didn’t have to come back, but was still able to cover my help desk shift. It was fun to do as I do not get many opportunities to work remotely. Part of the whole fixing PCs thing. Friday afternoon Dee, Mom, Jill, and I did some post Christmas shopping and found a few things. Otherwise the rest of the weekend was mostly watching movies, playing games, etc.