Peterson Christmas

So yesterday morning Jill and I got up, Kelly and Derek headed off into the storm and we followed shortly behind them with the dogs. They went home and we went up to Jill’s family to do an early Christmas with them as we were spending the rest of Christmas with my family in Green Bay WI. We used the GPS I got from Jill, it was a lot of fun on the long trip. After much traveling and dealing with other drivers in the storm we finally made it. They made ka-bobs for dinner and we opened presents. Jody and Tony were there with my other niece Allison. I got cool fishing lures from Walt and Teresa and a Best Buy gift card. Trent got me the new Playstation 2 Batman Lego game which is very cool. Jody, Tony, and Allison headed home and Trent broke out the Rockband game, that was fun. The next day we got up and headed home in the storm. Only two days of work before heading to Wisconsin, woohoo.