Pidgin 2.7.7

If you are a Pidgin user like me, and also use MSN Messenger through Pidgin, you’ve probably run into certificate errors recently, or just MSN not working at all.  MSN isn’t my main instant message protocol so I haven’t been too upset by it lately.  But recently Pidgin came out with a new version, 2.7.7, that completely fixes the problems with MSN.  So if you are struggling with MSN on Pidgin, I would recommend downloading and installing the new version of Pidgin to see if it resolves your issues.

These kinds of problems can occur with instant message programs from time to time as they are always updating their protocols and services.  This becomes especially apparent if you use a third party instant messenger like Pidgin, as they then have to update their product to match the service.  However I would rather live with this kind of inconveniences instead of going back to running 3 to 4 different instant message clients.  Programs like Pidgin are great for keeping your instant messaging clean and under control, as well as not eating tons of system resources either.