Wine and Sushi

Today Jill and I went up to the cities and picked up our friends Derek and Kelly. We then headed further north and went to Winehaven, a winery up in Chisago MN. This is a place we have always liked, it is owned and run by Jill’s Dad’s cousin, Kevin Peterson. We tried all their wines, I think they honey wine is still my favorite. We also found some Raspberry Jalapeno dip and some chocolate port blueberries and cherries. They also had a mulled wine that they made using their Marchel Foch, it was awesome. Jill got the stuff needed to make some for us here in Rochester. Jill and I each bought a case each, some of them were for presents for other people. Derek and Kelly got a case for themselves along with some other goodies like the chocolate port blueberries and cherries.

After we were done with Winehaven we drove back down into the cities. Derek and Kelly took us to Akita Sushi & Hibachi, a sushi restaurant. I have only had sushi once, which was at a place in the old Galleria Mall here in Rochester. I didn’t care for it too much, not because of the fish, but because everything tasted of vinegar. This place however was quite different. It is an all you can eat sushi, we let Derek do the ordering and tried a great many things. There was one called a spider roll, which had soft shell crab in it. I also liked the pizza sushi, which was also very good. We ended the meal with green tea ice cream.

We then headed back to Derek and Kelly’s, and we brougth their dog Bruce home with us for the week to play with Flash. Kelly’s Grandfather passed away late last week and they are going to be busy doing a lot of family stuff, so we took Bruce for them so they wouldn’t have to worry about him. So all in all it was a great day of wine and sushi.