Black Friday 2008

Jill and I got up early for Black Friday this morning. Her entire family came down and spent the night for Thanksgiving, but it was just the two of us that got up. We only really hit ShopKo, but found a lot of great deals on stuff. Including a 12 piece dish set for $40, which we got one and got one for my Mother-in-law. We then hit Dunn Bros for mocha and headed home. Everyone else then woke up and we kind of went through everything. Tony & Jody left and we then went out to lunch with Jill’s parents, and then at lunch we decided to upgrade their cell phones since they are on the same plan as us. We went to AT&T and saw Tim and he introduced us to Kyle who listened to my in-laws and got them the perfect phones. They are really happy with them and they were in much need of an upgrade. Later that afternoon we went back out again, needless to say I am only two Christmas presents away from being done for the year, woohoo.