CIL2017 – Apps, Sites & Tools

A great session I attended today was by Gary Price, the Founder/Editor of INFOdocket.  INFOdocket covers a lot of artiles for and about libraries especially concerning politics that impact libraries.  Gary covered a lot of tools that he uses for his own productivity and his writing.  I am going to discuss a few below, but Gary put together a list, with links, to them all at the conference site below.

Gary talked about Hoaxy, a website from the University of Indiana.  This site allows you to search to verify if something you have heard is real news, or a hoax.  This is a great tool to use if you want to make sure what you think you know, is not in fact fake news.

Another great tool he referred to was abine, a website that allows you to create dummy email address forwarders, so if you need to signup on a newsletter or some other questionable site, you can give them a fake email and turn off the forwarding at any time.  This is great, because even when they give you the option to unsubscribe, they do not always really unsubscribe you and sometimes you end up getting more spam.

There were several other tools that Gary covered, some of them I thought were more useful than others.  I do want to go back over his list above as he did not have time to cover them all.  I did find a lot of the tools were specific for his work, and while some of them can be used for research purposes, some I found were too specific for some of his political writing.