Minnesota Library Association (MLA) 2015 – Day Two

My second day at the 2015 MLA Conference started with a session called Crime Spree at the Library.  Curious as to what was all involved with this session I attended it.  What they had done was create a fake crime spree at the library to generate buzz and interest in the library.  They even contacted the local police chief to participate and posted pictures of him investigating the crimes.  Eventually this lead to their capture.  Photos of the criminals and their escapades can be found on the blog they had started, at the link below.


I thought it was interesting how much involvement they got from the community, including the police department, school, and even a local judge.  They used dragon toys as the criminals, and also took photos of them committing the crimes, which they then showed later to the school at an assembly.  I thought this session was great, and also a great way to generate interest and getting people to talk about the library.

MLA this year was a great session, I learned a lot and even got to visit with a lot of the librarians in our region.  I look forward to applying and sharing some of the knowledge I gained this year with others in our region.