Toy Story Mania

I have been on rides where you shoot targets with lasers, the two prominent ones being Buzz Light Year at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Men In Black at Universal Studios. So when we went to ride Toy Story Mania, it looked like just another shooting ride, but it was more.

One of the first things that separates this ride from other shooting rides is its 3D component. While the other rides rely on laser beams to hit targets, this one relies on 3D images that you shoot at digital targets. The ride takes you screen by screen through an old fashioned carnival shooting game, but there are no real targets, everything is digital 3D. This allows you to see what you are shooting and allow you a lot better aim than with the old laser rides. With the old laser rides you might get lucky and see which distant red dot was yours, but all in all you point and hope for the best.

Also this ride doesn’t keep you moving the entire time, it literally goes from screen to screen (or booth to booth inside the game) and you shoot at your targets to score. This also keeps with the toy theme by not using standard guns and triggers, the triggers on the guns are pull ropes, kind of like an old fashioned toy. They take some getting used to, but I found them more fun.

So if you like rides where you shoot targets for high scores, forget what you know and get in line for Toy Story Mania. I hope that this is what these kinds of rides will become as it was a lot more fun and engaging than shooting a red dot.