Sun Country Airlines

suncountryairlines1After traveling between Minneapolis, MN and Orlando, FL we have found a steady airline that we like and that is Sun Country Airlines. While in the past we have done sites like Kayak, or Priceline to get the cheapest rates we have found it easier just to go to Sun Country Airlines. They tend to have cheaper pricing that you can book right from there website, and they have regular flights between Minneapolis and Orlando. They also have the added bonus that they are located at Terminal 2 in Minneapolis, which is much smaller and a whole lot less crazy than the main terminal.

Another great feature they have is First Class upgrades. The price to upgrade to First Class is usually around $258. And when you are already getting your regular plane ticket for around $300 or so, doing First Class becomes a real option. Plus the price balances a bit as you get your bags for free, you get to skip the long security lines, you get a meal as opposed to eating in the airport, and of course much more comfortable seating. And for the remainder of the cost, just have a few drinks on the flight. Plus when you are sitting at the airport late at night waiting for your flight, looking around at all the post Disney kids running lose while their parents look like they just want to sleep, you come to appreciate that little bit of separation First Class can bring you.

So if you are planning a trip to Orlando, I would highly suggest taking a look at Sun Country Airlines. They fly from several other airports around the country, but for Minneapolis to Orlando, it is my go to airline.