Testing Responsive Themes

If you run, or maintain a website Responsive is hopefully a word that you have heard before. Responsive means making your website mobile friendly so that it will rearrange and change the site based on the size of the screen. This is key for people accessing your website on mobile devices. And in today’s world, people are probably hitting your site more from mobile devices, than from regular computers.

In WordPress a website’s design is chose by the theme. There are a lot of themes out on the WordPress Theme Directory. So when looking for one keep an eye out for a Responsive Theme. But what happens if you find one, and want to test it without making changes to your actual WordPress website.

That is pretty easy, first install the theme, but do not activate it. When you are in the theme customizer you will see a set of icons down at the bottom. One of them looks like a computer, one like a tablet, and one like a phone, and they do just what you think they do. Choosing one will resize the preview window to the appropriate size so you can see what it would look like on a tablet or smartphone. Keep in mind though that the windows scroll bars will not be that big, or even there on a mobile device.


So if you are stuck using a computer and want to see how the site would look like on a smartphone, fear not, the great minds from WordPress already thought of that for you.