Islands of Adventure Trading Company

islandsofadvtradingcompanyAt the entrance to both of the Universal theme parks is a giant store that has a little bit of everything from the parks in it.  Here you can find your last minute souvenirs, etc.  But what I have found is that the store at the entrance of Islands of Adventure, The Islands of Adventure Trading Company, is my favorite store in all of the Universal theme parks.

The main reason has to do with its size.  Being a shopper of primarily Harry Potter souvenirs, the shops in both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade are built small.  This was done on purpose to keep with the theme from the books and movies.  But trying to look at stuff around the crowds of people can be exhausting.  That is where these bigger shops at the entrance shine.

The selection of items in the Islands of Adventure Trading Company also seems to be a lot bigger and more diverse than its sister stores in both Universal Studios and City Walk.  And while there are some items you can only get from the stores within the parks, this store has most of what you may be looking for, without the hassle of the crowds.

The staff here have also been very kind and enthusiastic in helping its customers.  And I can say being a Harry Potter fan, they know their stuff.  So if you happen to find yourself in Islands of Adventure, make sure to leave some time for shopping at the Islands of Adventure Trading Company.