Ubuntu 10.10

For our Halloween Party I reloaded my netbook back to its original Windows 7 Starter Edition, in order to get Skype to work correctly for my magic mirror costume.  Since Halloween is now over I have reloaded it back with Ubuntu and installed the new Ubuntu 10.10, so far it has been great.  It installed very quickly and before I knew it I was back up and running.  The interface doesn’t appear too different from the previous Ubuntu, but I can definitely tell there is a performance enhancement.  It seems to run a lot more stream lined and smoother than before.  Of course that may just be that I got used to running Windows on my netbook.

I haven’t had a chance to play with some of the new or advanced features, such as streaming music to my iPhone.  But I look forward to playing with these features over the next few days.  So far I am very happy with the new version and it has been a breeze.  I was able to get all my programs and data moved over and was back up and running in no time.  So if you haven’t had a chance to check out the new Ubuntu 10.10, I’d recommend giving it a try.