Charity Miles

charitymilesOne of the things we started using when we joined the Hogwarts Running Club was the Charity Miles app. Basically you can install the app and create a user account for yourself. Then when you got for a walk, run, or bike ride you launch the app and pick your favorite charity. As you move, the app will track your distance and at the end of the year donate to the charity (or charities) you have generated miles for. You can generate 25 cents per walk / run mile, or 10 cents per bike mile. There is even a history feature that you can see how many miles per day, or month you have generated.  Charity Miles is available in both the Apple App and Google Play stores.

When you start the app you have three choices, Outdoor Walk/Run, Indoor Walk/Run, and Outdoor Bike. They mean pretty much what they say. Keep in mind that Outdoor modes go off of the GPS on your phone, so if there is spotty reception this can be problematic. And Indoor mode goes off of movement, so if you are not holding your mobile device while you are moving, it will not register properly.

The other feature, and why we use this as part of the virtual running club, is that you can join teams. That way you can see how many miles are generated by each team. There are several teams, but for the Hogwarts Running Club there is a team for each Hogwarts house as we use this to help determine the house cup at the end of the year.

After using this app quite a bit I have found some buggy issues with it. It likes to crash and can sometimes be off as to distance and speed. I have also found that when I walk or run outdoors, if I put it in indoor mode it will track better, and not interfere with other fitness apps.

So even if you are not a member of the Hogwarts Running Club, but are out there walking, running, or biking, you can still run Charity Miles and generate some extra money for the charity of your choice.