Hogwarts Running Club


I have not been the most athletic person, but the past couple of years I have started getting more active. Most of this is due to the Hogwarts Runing Club. As a huge Harry Potter fan, this was one exercise trend I could not pass up.

hogwartsrunningclubHogwarts Running Club is a virtual running club, allowing you to complete the races on your own time, and at your own pace. They do not check your miles or times, it is all on the honor system. You also do not have to run, you can easily walk, bike, run, skip, etc. Basically you pay for the medal, and you get it. They leave it up to you and your conscious to put in the miles. I can see how some people may take advantage of this, but they are only hurting themselves. I have kept very specific spreadsheets documenting all my miles.

Over the course of the year they do 6 Harry Potter themed races with specific distances, and a medal to match. If you complete at least three of their virtual races you can get the Challenge Medal that they do every year, but there is no distance associated with it. If you happen to do all the races you the become a Perfect Prefect, and get a Hogwarts pin. But if you are hearing about this for the first time you may feel like you have missed out, do not worry. At the end of the year they do an event called the Time Turner, where they open up all the races for the year, so you can get the ones you missed and still quality for the Challenge Medal and Perfect Prefect.

In addition to hosting six races throughout the year, like Hogwarts, all the students are divided up into their houses. I happen to be a Slytherin as per the image associate with this post. Over the course of the year the houses compete with each other by running an app on their mobile devices called Charity Miles that allows you to earn money for a Charity of your choosing as you gain miles. In the app there are teams, and as long as you register with your appropriate house team, all your miles will count towards the House Cup that they have at the end of the year.

And as if all this wasn’t awesome enough, the money they raise from their events also goes to Charity. During each event they pick a Charity and that is where the proceeds are donated to. So far this year they have already donated about $500,000 to different charities.

So if like me you are a Harry Potter fan and looking for some motivation to get you off the couch, check out the Hogwarts Running Club. Not only will this do #somuchgood for you, it will also do #somuchgood for people in need. Of course you get extra points from me if you happen to join Slytherin.