The Cowfish

cowfishMy wife and I both really enjoy sushi, so it was not surprising that we fell in love with The Cowfish. Their sushi is amazing, and they feature several awesome sushi rolls. But the problem with sushi is, not everyone is a fan. That is where The Cowfish excels as sushi is only half of their specialty, their other one is burgers. Not only do they feature great sushi, but some very gourmet burgers as well. Add all this together along with some milkshakes, and sushi / burger combinations and you have a restaurant everyone is sure to love.

One of the comical things I have found with The Cowfish is in their bathrooms. They have one of those language tapes playing that translate common phrases to Japanese, but as then it also translates it to redneck talk as well. A truly hilarious piece of detail that shows the commitment they took when creating a sushi / burger place that is out of this world.