Telephone Links

smartphoneWith more and more smartphones and mobile devices accessing your website, it is important to make your website not only user friendly, but mobile friendly. One great way to do this is to make sure phone numbers on your website are linked so that people with smartphones can click on the number and have the option of dialing it, without having to type it in. I know from personal experience when I look up a business on my iPhone and cannot click the phone number, this can be very frustrating.

There is actually a simple html way to do this. Looking at the following html code, we can use a href=tel will let you link a phone number.

<a href=”tel:111-222-3333″>111-222-3333</a>

Using the above code will give you the following phone number, 111-222-3333.

But like with all html links, you can change the text so if you wanted to call the same number, but wanted the text on the website to read Click Here for Support, it would look like the following.

<a href=”tel:111-222-3333″>Click Here for Support</a>

This is a great way to make any phone number on your site mobile friendly.  But do keep in mind that on regular computers, the link will still look like a link, but not do anything when clicked.  This is not surprising as this html code is targeted more at smartphones.