Google Drive Preview

One of the coolest things you can do with Google Drive documents is share them so anyone with the link can open them. This makes them like living, editable PDFs that you can link to your website. But the one drawback is the Google Docs toolbar is still there, which is fine, but to give it a really nice PDF look you can change the URL to Preview mode.

Let’s start off my looking at a Google Doc, such as the one below. This will open the document so everyone can see it, but you will notice that the Google Docs toolbar is still at the top.

Looking at the URL above, if we remove the /edit and everything after it, and replace it with /preview, it will open the Google Doc up without the toolbar, giving it more of a PDF look, as per the link below.

This is a cool trick if you want to link to Google Docs from your website, but anyone who knows the trick can change the URL and go back to the toolbar view. However as always, they cannot edit the document, so that is really their choice and no harm done.

So if you want to use Google Docs more with your website for FAQs, documentation, etc, this may be a good trick to give you a cleaner look.