adwcleanerIn addition to running Windows Defender (formerly known as Microsoft Security Essentials) and Malwarebytes, another problem that is good to run is AdwCleaner.

AdwCleaner will search your computer for reminents of viruses and malware, as well as browser hijackers and remove them. Much like Malwarebytes this is a run when you need it, or on occasion program and does not provide any realtime protection.

Basically AdwCleaner is just an exe you can run, it doesn’t even install a program. Once you run a scan, just remove what it finds and you should be good. I have used this on systems where there were still issues even after Malwarebytes and antivirus scans, and I was surprised AdwCleaner was able to finish removing the malware from the computer.

So if you need another tool if your security aresenal, or have some reminent on your computer you want removed, I suggest giving AdwCleaner a try.