Peer to Peer Updates

One of the other new features of Windows 10 is to download updates from other computers, not just from Microsoft. This peer to peer updating is a smart idea on saving time by turning other computers on the internet into other locations for your computer to downloads updates.

While this idea sounds like a good one, it can also be scary. Because by default your computer is sharing downloaded updates to other computers on the internet when you install Windows 10, as well as getting updates from other computers and not directly from Microsoft. This I think makes it a great target for hackers to deliver malware and viruses. ¬†And while this hasn’t been exploited yet, it does make me wonder how long until it does.

win10updates1So let’s look at changing this setting, or turning it off completely. Simply go into Settings, then Updates & Security. Under the Check for Updates button you will see Advanced Options, then click on Choose how updates are delivered.

Looking at your options, you could set this PCs on my local network, that way your computer could share some of the update files with computers on your network. Otherwise simply turn the setting off, and your computer will no longer be sharing, or receiving, downloaded updates to either your local network, or the internet.

Personally I like to turn this feature off. As I said before, with it sharing core Microsoft update files across the internet, I think it is only a matter of time before this is exploited by hackers. And Microsoft doesn’t always have the best track record in this area either.