So recently a few people at work have commented on how I should join Facebook or as I like to call it, Face-Crack. I didn’t really want to, I mean I just started a blog, what more could they want?? Well another friend of mine invited me and so I started an account on Facebook. It automatically found a ton of people I knew that had accounts. For example, my wife Jill is on Facebook, and our two dogs both have Dogbook pages. I am the last one in our house to get a Facebook account. Pretty sad. So I did and my co-worker Jonya showed me SuperPoke, which is this cool Facebook application you can use to throw things at your Facebook friends. Needless to say it has become really addicting, but lots of fun. If you haven’t gotten one yet I would recommend it, it is enjoyable, but pace yourself. You don’t want to become addicted to Facebook.

2 Responses

  1. Mother Todd says:

    You are a blogger and a facebooker. Next thing you will do is get unlimited texting on your phone. WELCOME to the 21st century. To think, you were the last person on the earth to find facebook???? YEESH

  2. Jonya says:

    hehehehe…if you joined it just so you could throw things at people, well, that’s something! I’ve not gotten into the games but want to get into groups a bit more. Social networking – so many possibilities! But eventually, it needs to come out of the screen and into the real world, imho.