There is an app for the iPhone and iPod touches that I often take for granted, and it was not until recently when I helped my friend Linda with her new iPod touch that I remembered how awesome this app was.  The app I am going to talk about is Mover.

Mover is an app that comes in both a free lite version and a full, paid for version.  What it allows you to do is launch the app on both devices.  Using a wireless connection it connects the devices and lets you copy things between the two, such as contacts, photos, videos, etc.  It gives you a handy desktop and allows you to add these items to it.  Also on the desktop it will show you the other device with an arrow, you simply then just have to flick your item off screen and it will be copied to the other person’s device.

Now what is also really nice is Mover knows what to do with the data you send.  For example if you send a contact, it will automatically add them into the device’s Contacts list.  Or if it is a photo, it will add it into the Photos app.

So if you are looking for an easy way to transfer some data between iPhones, or iPods I would suggest you check out Mover.  It is a great app and makes sending your contact info to another iPhone or iPod very easy.  Just remember, it only works over a wireless connection.