Buy outs

Yesterday I found out that two of my favorite things are being bought out by bigger companies. I can honestly say I am not thrilled with this news, but am trying to be optimistic that good will come of this.

The first scary dissappointment was the news that one of my favorite geek stores, ThinkGeek is being bought out by GameStop. I am not sure I see the connection, and am hoping that GameStop will continue to allow ThinkGeek to serve its many faithful geek followers. On the plus side, it is possible we could start seeing more of the ThinkGeek toys at GameStop locations, which would be useful.  More information on this buy out can be found at the following article, GameStop, not Hot Topic, is buying ThinkGeek.

The other buy out that was disappointing to me yesterday was the news that Wunderlist, a to do list app that I have used for quite some time, is being bought out by Microsoft. While this could be good with the bigger development that Microsoft brings to the table, I worry they will destroy the app in favor of one of their own Microsoft Office programs. Sadly I have been going between Wunderlist and Evernote for my to do lists, and this may just be the nudge I was looking for to make a decision between the two.  More information about this buy out can be found at the following article,