Chrome Remote Desktop Comes to Mobile Devices

Chrome Remote Desktop AppFor a while I have been using Chrome Remote Desktop as my go to program for remoting into my computers. But since the fall of LogMeIn, when it stopped being free, I have found it useful, but have missed the ability to login to my computers remotely from my mobile devices.

But thanks to Google this has changed. Last week they release the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Apple iOS and Android. Now if you have Chrome running on your computers and have Chrome Remote Desktop setup, you can access your devices from your mobile devices. I have found that the Chrome Remote Desktop app works a lot smoother than LogMeIn or the Teamviewer mobile apps.

There is still some short comings when it comes to the keyboard and commands such as copy / paste, but if you just need to get on your computer for some quick work, Chrome Remote Desktop is still a good way to go.